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How much do concrete countertops cost?

The making of concrete countertops require a high level of skill, labor, and craftmanship. Every job is different, but you can expect to pay $75-$120 sq/ft.


We use a topical sealer which creates a barrier and will not allow your countertops to stain. 

how heat resistant are concrete countertops?

Our concrete and sealer are very heat resistant, even up to 500 degrees!

will my concrete countertops scratch?

We use a scratch resistant sealer, which holds up to heavy kitchen abuse, however it is not 100% scratch proof. We suggest cutting on a cutting board. Cutting on concrete, like all other countertop stones, will dull your knives.

Is the concrete poured in our house?

No, everything is precast in our shop. This lets us have total control of the environment to optimize the best concrete you can make. It is then delivered and installed into your home.

How do i clean my concrete countertops?

There isn't much to it. Clean them with soap and water or regular household cleaner.

The Artisan, Keith Raymond

Growing up I was the kid who was always tinkering. Constantly wondering how things work. I have flushed a few of my dads watches down the toilet just to watch them spin and observe what happens.  In 2014 I bought my first house and like many, immediately began renovating. I found an article online about concrete countertops and instantly became fascinated. 

I made a concrete countertop in that kitchen and it came out beautifully, but I knew there has to be a better way. After producing a few more pieces for friends and family, I decided to attend the Concrete Countertop Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina. CCI is a concrete countertop trade school who trains the best in the world. You learn not just how, but why. CCI Alumni's become masters of concrete. After taking the Professional GFRC class and advancing to the Ultimate intensive class, I found the void I was looking for in concrete. I took away an understanding of the chemistry of concrete, and how to manipulate it, and perfect it. I learned that concrete has no bounds - it can be persuaded but not controlled, almost as if it is alive. The pieces that can be created are limited only by the artisan’s imagination and passion. 

Soon after, Mohawk Valley Concrete Countertops was born.