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The Process



We can provide a free estimate and someone from our team will come to the job site and give you an accurate estimate. We can also provide estimates

based off of rough dimensions and drawings. This will help provide a starting point for the budget and vision of your project. The more information that is provided up front, the more accurate your estimate will be. Feel free to send pictures of your vision and inspiration along with your project details.

Design and Template

It is now time to explore the endless possibilities of concrete! This stage is when the details come together to make your project truly one of a kind. During the design phase, a contract will be signed that fully describes your vision so templating can begin. The template process takes a few hours depending upon the scope and complexity of the project. All plumbing fixtures, ranges and other appliances will need to be on site for accurate templating. We will need to acquire the faucets, soap dispensers and sink for the remainder of the project. The parts will be documented and signed for.

Form and Cast

It is time to make art! The form is arguably the most important part of the entire process. Your custom countertops will mirror the form in which they were cast in. Forms can be made from many different materials to manipulate concrete in unique ways. Building the forms typically takes between 1-3 days depending upon complexity. Once the forms are ready, it is time to mix and cast your custom batch of concrete. Each mix is tailored to your project and can be cast using many different techniques. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) can be sprayed, hand packed, smeared, placed and poured into the forms. After the forms have been filled, the concrete is covered for 12-48hrs and then carefully taken out of the mold to continue curing. 

Process and Seal

We are now getting close to a finished piece of art! After the concrete has been removed from the mold, the wet processing stage begins. Depending on the style of countertop you are after, this process can take anywhere from 2 hours to multiple days. First the surface is rinsed thoroughly. Exposed aggregate finishes will then be revealed by grinding the top layer with a cup wheel. The next step involves working through different grits using an air polisher that is equipped with diamond disc's to achieve the desired sheen. The concrete is again thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. Next, any pinholes or voids are filled in with grout. You can select a similar color or a contrasting color grout to make the concrete unique. Sometimes, pinholes are left unfilled to create a desired and aesthetically pleasing imperfection. After the grout has set, the countertop is once again honed with a diamond disc, washed, cleaned and is now ready for sealer. 

Delivery and Installation

This is the most exciting part of the process! Your countertops are ready to be delivered and installed. This may sound like the easiest step, but often times it can be tricky. Steps, tight turns and steep driveways are a few hurdles that come into play. The installation is factored into the overall price of the project and more complex installs require more people and care. The job site must be clean, clear and ready for installation before we arrive on site. After the countertops are installed you are ready to enjoy your one of a kind kitchen!